Why Rebecca Harms should lead the European Green Pack?

Many, many, many years ago, during my university years in Germany. After being indoctrinated by the communist physics education system about the benefits of the nuclear energy and by "Voice of America", BBC, and "Deutsche Welle" about the benefits of the unrestricted market economy, I happily joined the junior FDP (the german liberal party) and started collecting my university feathers for a priesthood crown of atomic physics. Until this lecture, when I had to calculate the probability of major catastrophic accident with a nuclear reactor during its lifetime. Then came the shock, the disbelief, the sadness, and the new path in my life.

First things first, I bought a super expensive bike chain and joined a group of hippies (at least I thought so) or anti-nuclear protesters. It turned out they were "normal" greens. Few weeks later there was a railroad blockade. The goal - to stop the transport of burned-out nuclear fuel.

It was a rainy, cold day. We started the blockade early in the morning. The police came few hours later. My chain was super good, so police had to bring special gear to cut through. The result: my first ticket for DM 170,- (huge for a student), my first bronchopneumonia, and the joy of doing something good! At that time I had no idea Rebecca was around, neither I cared who was organising the the blockade. 

About 20 years later, January 2013, the campaign for the "NO" vote for the Bulgarian referendum on the future of the nuclear energy. It was a rainy, cold day - again. Rebecca was the only foreigner, campaigning with us, the Bulgarian Greens. Early morning TV interview, a long conversation with the PM Borisov, two press-conferences with taxi ride for a brake, meeting with the Greens, presentation of her book about Fukushima (just translated in Bulgarian), and then the speech, that closed our referendum campaign shown on all Bulgarian TV station, wet and freezing because of the cold rain, but hot and happy because of the outcome. This is how I will remember Rebecca.

There are very few honest politicians. There are very few politicians, that have the intuition to choose the most important subjects of the day as their battle field. There are very few politicians, who can recognise important for the future of the society subjects. Oh, well, there are really very few real green politicians. It is very hard to believe, that Rebecca could be all of these, in addition of being a good friend and a nice, soft spoken, polite and warm person.

The European Greens are the only pan-European party with primary elections. The choice to be made is very difficult. With four extremely strong, charming and wise candidates it is very hard to go to the ballots with a confidence. For me personally, the decision was really not very easy. I know relatively well three of the candidates. And I had to choose not only the two best in my opinion, but also the best candidates for my party and country. 

Did I mentioned, that Rebecca was the only green member of of the European parliament to campaign against the nuclear energy in Bulgaria? The only one, to find time in the mid of elections to help us with our energy campaigns (just days ago), the only one to speak loud and clear for the importance of East Europe, and actually to understand this subject? Or that she was also one of the very few politicians to understand the roots of the current economic crisis?

I vote also for Rebecca, because my teenage son has less to fear about his future if she is in the driver seat of the green parliamentary group .

You could also vote for the Green Primaries till January 28, 2014.

Restart ...

Many, many, many moons ago I used to have a political blog.  It was mostly about the rule of misery of the Bulgarian political mafia, about social problems, (broken) transportation system, energy sources. I was also reposting my articles published in (predominantly)  Bulgarian newspapers and websites.

In 2009 I got involved with the national election campaign of the Bulgarian Greens - Zelenite. Soon after the election I decided to join the party and was elected as member of the board. Two years later I was elected for co-chair of the party. During this period I tried to follow the "official" party policy as well as the policies of the European Greens. Therefore I deleted my old blogs and communicated to the world through the official sources.

Now this is changing. European Greens are bogged down in endless bureaucratic procedures. Zelenite lost their freshness, and internally discussions about coalition politics are dominating the agenda. The green is wilting, spots of brown are showing up, the freshness of bright new ideas is in the past. Or at least this is my personal perception ...

I feel obliged to rase my voice again, to speak out, to criticise. But most of all, I feel the strong urge to lead a new change, to motivate, to discover new ways, to tear down walls, to swim against the stream.

Months ago I started with concrete green projects, in a small forgotten region of Bulgaria. The feedback was amazing. I believe our society is ready for change and the only piece of the puzzle that is missing is the absence of new radical ideas. This blog, my comments on daly news, my observations of the world through my radically green glasses, and - hopefully, the help and contributions of my friends, should, at least partially, fill this gap.

I am sure our civilisation has only one way, only one shot for its survival, and this silver bullet is definitely green.