Wheelchairs against driver's arrogancy

When low IQ, high testosterone (mostly white middle-aged men) drivers (mostly in expensive show-off cars) park on disabled parking spots, and you ask them "why?", stupid answers like "It will take just a second" or "I am waiting for someone" are to be expected.

Initiatives like this one are very welcomed, but every reasonable person should confront such brainless representatives of Homos idioticus!

Michael Bloomberg on fracking

There is a saying in Bulgarian - apple does not fall far from the tree. Applied to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, this could be rephrased as "Bloomberg cannot walk further than Wall St.". But first things first. Few days ago I read the following commentary in New York Times. I was not surprised to see what I read - after all Bloomberg is obviously unable to turn his back to years of Wild West style free market indoctrination, but I at least hoped to read a bit more rational and balanced conclusions. Granted, he acknowledges few very obvious problems of the fracking industry, but that's obviously all a well brainwashed brain could produce, even if the brain itself is from otherwise good quality.

Now, contrast Bloomberg's view with the "official" German position on fracking. If you are not following the german press or cannot read german, the German Ministry of Environment officially took a position that is 180 degree different from Bloomberg's, but using almost the same arguments. Yes, we are living in a crazy world, where same arguments are used from proponents and opponents of a particular subject. And all these is happening although there are so many alternatives to burning and boiling our planet!


Schools - not spooks!

Last week I was again in London. As usual, I got excited about the cameras at every street's corner. Few my argue that all these cameras make the city safer. Well, not for me. I feel observed, spied on, monitored, bugged. At every corner I got reminded, that false sense of security for some people is more important than privacy, human rights, the very basic foundations of democracy. But when I saw a security camera in the toilets of a well visited pub on Trafalgar square, my tolerance was put to the test. And I rebelled. Well, in this particular case my anti-spy revolution was to raise my middle finger towards the camera and hope that someone will care about my opinion, what admittedly, is a very hopeless hope indeed.

What really bothers me is how otherwise intelligent people do not care about if these security measures violate national and international laws and human rights in general. As this (among many others) report shows, british spooks violate on many occasions national laws, and even worst, they feel above the law and hide essential materials from the lawmakers. The question of human rights seams to never cross their perverse minds.

I would like to apologize to my patient readers, but I will repeat something I've said many times. The only meaningful way to achieve better security is education and relative prosperity. The world needs less spoofs and more and better schools, specially for the third world. If the money spend on spies and their extravagant gadgets is spent on eradication of the knowledge poverty, our planet will be a more secure place, and a more lawful and pleasant one too.

The tools of the anti-climate-change propaganda

If you believe, that anti-climate-change propaganda machinery is fuelled only by the stupidity of deeply indoctrinated neocons, than think twice. It is a powerful, well funded (by scams like Koch brothers), and very well orchestrated campaign. 

Here is a classic example of how such manipulative campaign works. It starts with out-of-context  quotations of an old publication, and with the time more fantasies are being added. It gets repeated hundreds of times, until the original source is forgotten and all is left is a newly fabricated lie, that is easily digestible by uncritical readers. At the end it goes as far as being quoted as an example during legislation debates.

Fracking and climate change

Bulgaria is in an election fiver. From left and right the promises to end the existing fracking ban are turning into a crescendo while the opposition is shying away of being the vocal supporter of the ban as it once was. Even the greens, who were once the power engine behind this legislation developed nowadays a fracking myopia.

In order to keep the debate alive, I would like to remind my readers about another "dark side" of the fracking technology - its significant contribution to the global warming and of course, the climate change. I was warning for several years that it is not possible to avoid gas leakage with this technology. I would go so far to claim, that this gas leakage is the main polluting contributor of the ground water supply.

Now, for the first time, a major study found that methane was being released into the atmosphere at 100 to 1000 times the rate that the US Environmental Protection Agency estimated. This should be a major blow for the energy companies, because now they must pay high carbon taxes and a very clear sign for the fracking lobby.

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Education without borders

Sounds crazy  but it is true! Baker University in BaldwinCity, Kansas, is offering a summer biology field research program designed for a diverse mix of able-bodied students and students with ambulatory disabilities. Eight students will spend a month in the trees, studying water bears and learning that being in a wheelchair doesn’t have to be an impediment to doing biological field research.

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GMO lies

For the last almost 20 years I read and heard many GMO lies. But when Professor Anne Glove, the official Chief Scientific Adviser to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, spreads them shamelessly I really wonder how much (Monsanto) money is involved and how low the moral standards of a person and a scientist could be.

Without being a GMO guru, I know about tens and hundreds of articles in peer-reviewd science journals that show that GMO result in cross-species gene transfer, creates resistance to agrochemicals, and contaminates non-GMO crop fields. I cannot believe Professor Glove never had the chance to make herself familiar with this mounting evidence.

Herewith I call my friends from the European Green Party (EGP) to start a public enquiry about the competence of Mrs. Glove to hold her position and to question her science moral and knowledge in the field of molecular biology.

More on the subject > EU Chief Scientific Adviser's GMO lies called out in open letterNo risk with GMO food, says EU chief scientific advisor, and First E.U. Science Adviser: We Are Sitting On a Goldmine

Екологиа на български

Тръгмали да търсят как се казва "екология" на старобългарски. Търсили, търсили и стигнали до вожда на ловците. Попитали го, а той: "Ох, как беше бе, как беше бе - тон!".

И така, записали в старобългарския речник "бе-тон".

За тази история и други тъжни смешки четете тук.