Education without borders

This is an example for education done right!

Sounds crazy but it is true! Baker University in BaldwinCity, Kansas, is offering a summer biology field research program designed for a diverse mix of able-bodied and disabled students . Eight students will spend a month high in the trees, studying water bears and learning that being in wheelchair doesn’t have to be an impediment to doing biological field research. Here a quote from the course description:

Designed for eight students, four with ambulatory disabilities and four without, this project is based on the idea that a wheelchair is not a limit to good field biology. To explore the canopy we climb ropes not trees, and in the lab we use microscopes, computers and minds, which have no limits.

This is indeed fantastic! Physical disability of any kind should not be a limiting factor for any profession. This is an example of functional society, a society, where people look at disabilities as different abilities. Super! I wish the students and the teachers good luck and great discoveries this summer over there, high in the canopy of the trees.

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