Michael Bloomberg on fracking

There is a saying in Bulgarian - apple does not fall far from the tree. Applied to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, this could be rephrased as "Bloomberg cannot walk further than Wall St.". But first things first. Few days ago I read the following commentary in New York Times. I was not surprised to see what I read - after all Bloomberg is obviously unable to turn his back to years of Wild West style free market indoctrination, but I at least hoped to read a bit more rational and balanced conclusions. Granted, he acknowledges few very obvious problems of the fracking industry, but that's obviously all a well brainwashed brain could produce, even if the brain itself is from otherwise good quality.

Now, contrast Bloomberg's view with the "official" German position on fracking. If you are not following the german press or cannot read german, the German Ministry of Environment officially took a position that is 180 degree different from Bloomberg's, but using almost the same arguments. Yes, we are living in a crazy world, where same arguments are used from proponents and opponents of a particular subject. And all these is happening although there are so many alternatives to burning and boiling our planet!