GMO lies

For the last almost 20 years I read and heard many GMO lies. But when Professor Anne Glove, the official Chief Scientific Adviser to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, spreads them shamelessly I really wonder how much (Monsanto) money is involved and how low the moral standards of a person and a scientist could be.

Without being a GMO guru, I know about tens and hundreds of articles in peer-reviewd science journals that show that GMO result in cross-species gene transfer, creates resistance to agrochemicals, and contaminates non-GMO crop fields. I cannot believe Professor Glove never had the chance to make herself familiar with this mounting evidence.

Herewith I call my friends from the European Green Party (EGP) to start a public enquiry about the competence of Mrs. Glove to hold her position and to question her science moral and knowledge in the field of molecular biology.

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