GMO lies

For the last almost 20 years I read and heard many GMO lies. But when Professor Anne Glove, the official Chief Scientific Adviser to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, spreads them shamelessly I really wonder how much (Monsanto) money is involved and how low the moral standards of a person and a scientist could be.

Without being a GMO guru, I know about tens and hundreds of articles in peer-reviewd science journals that show that GMO result in cross-species gene transfer, creates resistance to agrochemicals, and contaminates non-GMO crop fields. I cannot believe Professor Glove never had the chance to make herself familiar with this mounting evidence.

Herewith I call my friends from the European Green Party (EGP) to start a public enquiry about the competence of Mrs. Glove to hold her position and to question her science moral and knowledge in the field of molecular biology.

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The GMO empire

Cancer, birth defects, illness, high suicide rates... All these words are used in conjunction with GMO products. But GMO-deniers have something normal honest mortals do not have - very deep pockets!

Nevertheless, even in the US, where the GMO-lobby is super powerful and controls the Capitol Hill, more and more voices agains this madness are reaching the main stream media.

Let us hope the sanity will dominate ... soon.

BTW, the comments underneath the short video are definitely worth reading. One can only be flabbergasted by all these very well paid GMO-trolls.