Schools - not spooks!

Last week I was again in London. As usual, I got excited about the cameras at every street's corner. Few my argue that all these cameras make the city safer. Well, not for me. I feel observed, spied on, monitored, bugged. At every corner I got reminded, that false sense of security for some people is more important than privacy, human rights, the very basic foundations of democracy. But when I saw a security camera in the toilets of a well visited pub on Trafalgar square, my tolerance was put to the test. And I rebelled. Well, in this particular case my anti-spy revolution was to raise my middle finger towards the camera and hope that someone will care about my opinion, what admittedly, is a very hopeless hope indeed.

What really bothers me is how otherwise intelligent people do not care about if these security measures violate national and international laws and human rights in general. As this (among many others) report shows, british spooks violate on many occasions national laws, and even worst, they feel above the law and hide essential materials from the lawmakers. The question of human rights seams to never cross their perverse minds.

I would like to apologize to my patient readers, but I will repeat something I've said many times. The only meaningful way to achieve better security is education and relative prosperity. The world needs less spoofs and more and better schools, specially for the third world. If the money spend on spies and their extravagant gadgets is spent on eradication of the knowledge poverty, our planet will be a more secure place, and a more lawful and pleasant one too.

The tools of the anti-climate-change propaganda

If you believe, that anti-climate-change propaganda machinery is fuelled only by the stupidity of deeply indoctrinated neocons, than think twice. It is a powerful, well funded (by scams like Koch brothers), and very well orchestrated campaign. 

Here is a classic example of how such manipulative campaign works. It starts with out-of-context  quotations of an old publication, and with the time more fantasies are being added. It gets repeated hundreds of times, until the original source is forgotten and all is left is a newly fabricated lie, that is easily digestible by uncritical readers. At the end it goes as far as being quoted as an example during legislation debates.

Fracking and climate change

Bulgaria is in an election fiver. From left and right the promises to end the existing fracking ban are turning into a crescendo while the opposition is shying away of being the vocal supporter of the ban as it once was. Even the greens, who were once the power engine behind this legislation developed nowadays a fracking myopia.

In order to keep the debate alive, I would like to remind my readers about another "dark side" of the fracking technology - its significant contribution to the global warming and of course, the climate change. I was warning for several years that it is not possible to avoid gas leakage with this technology. I would go so far to claim, that this gas leakage is the main polluting contributor of the ground water supply.

Now, for the first time, a major study found that methane was being released into the atmosphere at 100 to 1000 times the rate that the US Environmental Protection Agency estimated. This should be a major blow for the energy companies, because now they must pay high carbon taxes and a very clear sign for the fracking lobby.

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Изборено законодателство №1: Глупостите на Слави Трифонов

фотография - бТВ

фотография - бТВ

Снощи се загледах в "Шоуто на Слави" - говореха за референдуми. Една сурия мъжаги, напомпани с тестостерон (като заместител на интелект) дискутират неща, от които нищо не разбират. Става дума за електронно гласуване. И дежурният експерт по всичкология разказва наперено, че то било най сигурното. Банките разрешавали да се правят парични преводи електронно ("та нали парите са ни най-ценното"), защо да не може да се гласува сигурно по електронен път - всички възбудено се възхищават на експертната мъдрост.

Хилят се те, всичколозите, формиращи съзнанието и подсъзнанието на Homo bulgaricus и на никой, ама наистина на никой не му минава през експертологичната кратуна, че между банки и избори има една малка, но много съществена техническа разлика. Банката на всяка цена иска да е сигурна, че неиният клиент лично извършва транзакцията. Банката дава личен код, по който може да разпознае клиентите си, пароли, сертификати... всичко в името на абсолютно сигурната идентификация. При изборите е обратното - този който брои гласовете по никакъв начин не трябва да знае кой е гласувал, но трябва да е 100% сигурен, че гласуващият гражданин или гражданка има това право и това право се използва само един път. Тази задача е изключително сложна за решаване. Не познавам държава, където тя да е решена адекватно. Има опити, но и доста провалени опити и то в държави, които технологично са години напред.

Но ние, по волята на президент популист и със специалното съдействие на Шоуто на Слави ще решим всички технологични проблеми в рамките на месеци. Да спомена ли, че дори и да се намерят героични програмисти, готови да жертват съня си, техните работодатели - политико-мафиоти, ще настояват за секретни врати и цели портали за манипулиране на вота?

Ако Слави Трифонов и подобните му се захванат с важната и отговорна задача за дебати по тема референдум, аз ще започна кампания не за задължително гласуване, а за задължителен и тежък медиен и изборен ценз.

Това е първото ми размишление на тема изборно законодателство - но няма да бъде последно.

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How NOT to win the war against the Axis of Evil

"Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free."

I was shocked to read, that starting from this week, the cources provided by Coursera cannot be accessed by students, having the bad luck being born in one of the Axis of Evil countries (or countries with US export restrictions). How incredibly stupid!

It is time for Stupid, Militaristic, Middle-aged, White men in Washington DC, Moscow, London or elsewhere to understand, that not bombs, but education (among other peaceful means) will solve social, economical, and ethnical problems, that are also the most important feeding ground for terrorism.

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The truth about Marijuana vs. people with deep pockets

Few days ago, I came to this crazy story. Last November, voters in Colorado passed Amendment 64, which approved very limited growth, distribution and regulated sale of pot (Marijuana) in the state. So far so good...

Just one single day since this amendment went into effect, the Daily Currant, a satirical newspaper, ran this story, claiming that 37 people died as a direct result of this law.

OK, granted, some would claim this was supposed to be a joke. Nope, this was a very deliberate propaganda action by people with very deep pockets and extremely big interests never to see the Cannabis to be legally and freely planted. Why? Just look in any search engine about this story. You will read the following headlines: "Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization January 2nd, 2014." That's all. I bet 95% of all people browsing the web will never know what Daily Currant is. They will read the headline, and this will be their "proof" for the deadly effect of pot.

I can think of many ant-marijuana lobbies - the paper industry, or the hard drug dealers come first in my mind, but if I dig deeper in the swamp of my logic, I wold perhaps relate half of the Capitol Hill priest to this vocal lobby.

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