Schools - not spooks!

Last week I was again in London. As usual, I got excited about the cameras at every street's corner. Few my argue that all these cameras make the city safer. Well, not for me. I feel observed, spied on, monitored, bugged. At every corner I got reminded, that false sense of security for some people is more important than privacy, human rights, the very basic foundations of democracy. But when I saw a security camera in the toilets of a well visited pub on Trafalgar square, my tolerance was put to the test. And I rebelled. Well, in this particular case my anti-spy revolution was to raise my middle finger towards the camera and hope that someone will care about my opinion, what admittedly, is a very hopeless hope indeed.

What really bothers me is how otherwise intelligent people do not care about if these security measures violate national and international laws and human rights in general. As this (among many others) report shows, british spooks violate on many occasions national laws, and even worst, they feel above the law and hide essential materials from the lawmakers. The question of human rights seams to never cross their perverse minds.

I would like to apologize to my patient readers, but I will repeat something I've said many times. The only meaningful way to achieve better security is education and relative prosperity. The world needs less spoofs and more and better schools, specially for the third world. If the money spend on spies and their extravagant gadgets is spent on eradication of the knowledge poverty, our planet will be a more secure place, and a more lawful and pleasant one too.