Изборено законодателство №1: Глупостите на Слави Трифонов

фотография - бТВ

фотография - бТВ

Снощи се загледах в "Шоуто на Слави" - говореха за референдуми. Една сурия мъжаги, напомпани с тестостерон (като заместител на интелект) дискутират неща, от които нищо не разбират. Става дума за електронно гласуване. И дежурният експерт по всичкология разказва наперено, че то било най сигурното. Банките разрешавали да се правят парични преводи електронно ("та нали парите са ни най-ценното"), защо да не може да се гласува сигурно по електронен път - всички възбудено се възхищават на експертната мъдрост.

Хилят се те, всичколозите, формиращи съзнанието и подсъзнанието на Homo bulgaricus и на никой, ама наистина на никой не му минава през експертологичната кратуна, че между банки и избори има една малка, но много съществена техническа разлика. Банката на всяка цена иска да е сигурна, че неиният клиент лично извършва транзакцията. Банката дава личен код, по който може да разпознае клиентите си, пароли, сертификати... всичко в името на абсолютно сигурната идентификация. При изборите е обратното - този който брои гласовете по никакъв начин не трябва да знае кой е гласувал, но трябва да е 100% сигурен, че гласуващият гражданин или гражданка има това право и това право се използва само един път. Тази задача е изключително сложна за решаване. Не познавам държава, където тя да е решена адекватно. Има опити, но и доста провалени опити и то в държави, които технологично са години напред.

Но ние, по волята на президент популист и със специалното съдействие на Шоуто на Слави ще решим всички технологични проблеми в рамките на месеци. Да спомена ли, че дори и да се намерят героични програмисти, готови да жертват съня си, техните работодатели - политико-мафиоти, ще настояват за секретни врати и цели портали за манипулиране на вота?

Ако Слави Трифонов и подобните му се захванат с важната и отговорна задача за дебати по тема референдум, аз ще започна кампания не за задължително гласуване, а за задължителен и тежък медиен и изборен ценз.

Това е първото ми размишление на тема изборно законодателство - но няма да бъде последно.

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How NOT to win the war against the Axis of Evil

"Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free."

I was shocked to read, that starting from this week, the cources provided by Coursera cannot be accessed by students, having the bad luck being born in one of the Axis of Evil countries (or countries with US export restrictions). How incredibly stupid!

It is time for Stupid, Militaristic, Middle-aged, White men in Washington DC, Moscow, London or elsewhere to understand, that not bombs, but education (among other peaceful means) will solve social, economical, and ethnical problems, that are also the most important feeding ground for terrorism.

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The High Price of Cheap Energy

This quote says it all: "The only thing that customers could use it (drinking water) for is to flush the toilet or for fire protection."

This warning was issued after a chemical leak was detected in a coal-processing plant in West Virginia earlier this month. It should be noticed, that contrary to many believes, highly poisonous substances are used in the process of coal mining, specially in the case of open pits.

I checked the maps, and although I could not be 100% sure, I believe this plant is processing coal in a region, where mountaintop removal is predominant. Now come the questions: Who pays the bill for these accidents? Who pays the bill for thousands of sick people? Who pays the bill for loss of Nature?  Who pays the bill for the thousands displaced folks and for the psychological traumas left? And who pays the bill for the Climate Change?

Spoiler: the bill is not payed by the Koch Brothers, or the brown energy mafia.

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To Google or not to Google?

Few weeks ago I had an eye-opening experience. Our company email is hosted by Google (mostly because their good spam filters). I got a support request for a long forgotten application of ours, that was driving an astronomical CCD camera (we discontinued the support 3 years ago). Two or three days after I received this email, Google showed me an ad about an astronomical CCD camera. Now, how often do you look for such device and how often Google shows you such ads? Spoiler - never! I checked also my browser search history. Last time I did such search was back in 2011. This could mean one thing only - Google is reading our company email, although we use a paid service and although I explicitly checked all privacy options!

This days I was reading about other privacy concerns with the G-company. First there are reports, that Google ignores privacy flaws. A good example is this story. It turns out private events within Google calendar are not that private after all.

And here the absolute hammer! If you use Chrome (I just deleted my version) it seams it is possible for others to listen my private conversations (at home or with colleagues) by exploiting a well known security flaw (Google calls then features - I am not joking!). This security exploit turns on the build-in microphone. I read about this exploit first in Süddeutsche Zeitung (in german) and later this report (in english).

My personal conclusions: Google is careless about privacy. No surprise - we, the users, are also Google's product. Our personal digital lives are sold to the advertisers. To be careless with privacy data makes Google evil - no matter what their company slogan might claim. I can not disappear from the net, but from now on, I and my company will try to move as much as possible away from from Google.

One final thought. We all criticise NSA. But in theory NSA reports to a democratically elected government. Google board reports to no one. The three founders have majority of the shares and if they decide, they can do with our private data whatever brings them most profit. This is capitalism at its worst.

The truth about Marijuana vs. people with deep pockets

Few days ago, I came to this crazy story. Last November, voters in Colorado passed Amendment 64, which approved very limited growth, distribution and regulated sale of pot (Marijuana) in the state. So far so good...

Just one single day since this amendment went into effect, the Daily Currant, a satirical newspaper, ran this story, claiming that 37 people died as a direct result of this law.

OK, granted, some would claim this was supposed to be a joke. Nope, this was a very deliberate propaganda action by people with very deep pockets and extremely big interests never to see the Cannabis to be legally and freely planted. Why? Just look in any search engine about this story. You will read the following headlines: "Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization January 2nd, 2014." That's all. I bet 95% of all people browsing the web will never know what Daily Currant is. They will read the headline, and this will be their "proof" for the deadly effect of pot.

I can think of many ant-marijuana lobbies - the paper industry, or the hard drug dealers come first in my mind, but if I dig deeper in the swamp of my logic, I wold perhaps relate half of the Capitol Hill priest to this vocal lobby.

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Today, 30 years ago...

Today, 30 years ago, Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh. This change again the computer industry forever. It was the first "humane" computer, the first computer with friendly interface, the first computer for the rest of us, the bare mortals. This computer was undisputedly the step, needed to start the computer revolution, that brought the computers and the internet in our homes, and in our pockets.

The picture of Steve Jobs below is made by keyboard keys.

I feel proud and deeply moved at the same time to know Steve Jobs personally. He was always one of my brightest guiding stars. 

Read more about the making of this picture and the launching of the Macintosh 

Update 1: I did forget to post the link to the event. Here, Steve and Mac

Update 2: My personal experience with Steve is that he was somehow shy and thoughtful person, and only on stage or when a new idea is in head, he was on fire. Here an interesting story, about how scared he was before presenting the first Mac.

The GMO empire

Cancer, birth defects, illness, high suicide rates... All these words are used in conjunction with GMO products. But GMO-deniers have something normal honest mortals do not have - very deep pockets!

Nevertheless, even in the US, where the GMO-lobby is super powerful and controls the Capitol Hill, more and more voices agains this madness are reaching the main stream media.

Let us hope the sanity will dominate ... soon.

BTW, the comments underneath the short video are definitely worth reading. One can only be flabbergasted by all these very well paid GMO-trolls. 

Отново съм щастлив Зелен

Летаргията свърши! За първи път от много месеци днес имаше протест с кауза. Отново Принципите стояха над Политиката, отново Природата над Мафията, отново Демокрацията над Междуличностните отношения!


Отново съм щастлив Зелен. Отново вярата за нещо по-добро е по-силна от апатията.


Blind ad

One of the criteria how well a particular civil society is functioning, or how strong it is, is the acceptance and integration of people with disabilities within the society. Norway always was a good example.

This Norwegian Association of the Blind commercial is spot on!

When commercials about disability issues are fun, done with sense of humour, and joy to watch, the integration  of disabled people in such society is a done deal.